Voice of a Seagull
M÷wenstimme aus der Dose

Voice of a Seagull

The voice of a seagull - canned. A hanseatic joke for everyone!

This classical, purely mechanical novelty item is made nearly unchanged since about 100 years. We doubt that it sounds like a real seagull, but it's great fun for any age since generations.

The voice is generated by the airflow, which occurs when You tilt the item - very much alike a teddy bear voice.

  • mechanichal animal voice
  • a novelty item classick
  • type "Seagull"
  • plastic, ca. 6x7 cm
  • with maritime print

Goods group: Hamburg, Souvenirs, Toys, Gifts, Party Products, Joke Articles, Novelties

Price: 5,50 EUR
incl. 19% VAT
plus P&P