Lanyard Keychain "Dresden Frauenkirche"
Schlüsselband Dresden Frauenkirche

Lanyard Keychain "Dresden Frauenkirche"

Stylish, yellow lanyard with rubber print "DRESDEN Frauenkirche" (Church of Our Holy Lady).

This high-quality, handy lanyard features a comfortable width, a closure in the neck and a detachable, metallic carabiner keyholder.

  • Lanyard with closure and detachable keyholder, one piece

  • Style: Dresden Frauenkirche, rubber print
  • Colour: Yellow, with black print
  • Length (at large): ca. 58 cm, width: ca. 2.5 cm

  • Material: Synthetic fibre, Polycarbonate, Metal

Goods group: Dresden, Fashion, Souvenirs, Accessoires

Price: 3,80 EUR
incl. 16% VAT
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