Coffee Mug "moin" by Ahoi Marie
Tasse moin 30-1-3

Coffee Mug "moin" by Ahoi Marie

The white coffee mug features the traditional Hamburg greeting "moin" in an allover print. Synonymous for "good morning", the greeting "moin" is suitably used by Hamburg citizens at any time during the day - and night!

The mug is made from fine bone china by Hamburg's trendsetting souvenir makers Ahoi Marie and also suitable for tea, of course.

The basic mug is made in Germany by Thuringia's classic China makers from the city of Kahla (estd. 1844) and boasts impressive material quality. Of course, the mug is dishwasher-safe!

  • Coffee Mug "moin"
  • Print: "moin" writing, allover (blue)
  • Material: Thuringian Bone China, made in Germany!
  • Color: white
  • Size: ca. 9 cm

Goods group: Hamburg, Souvenirs, Remembrances, Collector's Items, Mugs

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