Silhourama Diorama Kit "Düsseldorf"
Silhourama Motivstecksatz Düsseldorf

Silhourama Diorama Kit "Düsseldorf"
Silhourama Diorama Kit "Düsseldorf"

This fine three-dimensional diorama offers beautiful views of Düsseldorf. Seven lasered silhouettes made of finnish wood pulp board shows the tower on the castle square, St. Lambertus Church, shipping on the river Rhine, the television tower, the Rheinkniebrigde and the city mascot Radschläger. You stick this silhouettes in the slots of the wooden ground and than the charming diorama is done.

  • Silhourama Diorama Düsseldorf, one piece
  • Theme: sights of Düsseldorf
  • Material: finnish wood pulp board
  • Size: trimmed size ca. 12,5 x 12,5 x 6 cm

Goods group: Düsseldorf, souvenirs, collector's items

Price: 19,40 EUR
incl. 16% VAT
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