Cookie Stamp "i mog di"
Keksstempel i mog di

Cookie Stamp "i mog di"

With this wooden cookie stamp "i mog di", which is Bavarian and translates nicely to "I like You" you can bake individual cookies to making a gift and decorating. A hanger on the stamp bespeaks a delicious recipe. You can clean the red silicone cap with water and dish liquid. The stamp is not dishwasher safe.

  • Cookie Stamp "i mog di", one piece
  • Motive: lettering "i mog di"
  • Material: wooden stamp with red silicone cap
  • Size: ca. 6x6x8 cm

Goods group: Munich, Bavaria, souvenirs, oddities, accessory, kitchen ingredients

Price: 5,75 EUR
incl. 16% VAT
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